7 Reasons To Try Coastal Heat Pumps

If you’re considering a heat pump for your Victoria home, you probably already know about the various benefits it provides over other heating methods such as electric baseboards, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, or wood fireplaces/stoves. But for the purposes of this page, we’ll focus on the reasons why Coastal Heat Pumps is the best choice for installing, inspecting, or servicing your heat pump.

1. Get a heat pump that fits your budget

Contrary to what you may have heard, heat pumps come in a range of models and styles to suit almost every budget. Our ductless heat pumps packages, for instance, start at just $3900.

Even without the government rebates of up to $1500, you have a system that matches or beats the price of any other heating solution, including high efficiency gas furnaces.

Plus you get all the added benefits of a heat pump like air conditioning in the summer, a lighter carbon impact, and lower heating bills.

2. We only do residential heat pumps and accessories

Most heat pump vendors don’t stick to residential heat pumps. They’re also often plumbers, gas fitters, or commercial HVAC techs. They may have an installer or two that are heat pump focused, but when it comes to dealing with the office, you may have to wait for the “heat pump person.”

We specialize in air source and ductless heat pumps, and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies including heat recovery ventilators (HRVs), water heater heat pumps, and the like.

Though the principles behind heat pump heating and cooling are simple, the technology isn’t. That’s why you should deal with a full-time heat pump expert.

3. Low-cost extended maintenance plans

The complexity of heat pumps makes annual maintenance a must. Refrigerant pressure needs to be checked, coils and condensation lines need to be cleaned, and air handlers, thermostats and duct work should be inspected for leaks and faulty connections.

Some companies will charge you by the hour to do this work, which could result in hundreds of dollars.

For one flat rate each year, you get complete peace of mind. We will proactively contact you to schedule your heat pump inspection and maintenance.

4. Hassle-free heat pump installation and service

Installing a heat pump involves multiple components, including the heat pump itself, the duct work (if required), the furnace (or air handler) and various other options like HRVs and thermostats.

We offer a comprehensive heat pump installation package, including any sheet metal duct work that is required, fans, duct cleaning, air filtration, HRVs and humidifiers/dehumidifiers.

You don’t have to worry about hiring subcontractors, we have everything covered.

5. Over 30 years of heat pump experience

We’ve being specializing in heat pumps for a long time and have extensive knowledge and experience.

Long enough to know which heat pump models live up to the hype, and which do not. To know how to properly size a heat pump for your home so that it doesn’t cycle on and off unnecessarily, wasting electricity and wearing out parts.

We’re licensed journeyman refrigeration and air conditioning technicians, who know how to fix problems quickly and efficiently, at the lowest cost to you.

6. Service all makes and models

As an independent contractor (versus being a manufacturer’s dealer) we install and service all heat pump makes and models, not just one or two brands.

Dealers are offered incentives to sell you a certain brand. Choose the option that may makes the most sense for you. Don’t be forced into a purchase that isn’t right for you. Let us give you a competitive bid.

7. 100% Heat Pump Financing

Thanks to Snap Financial, you can now finance your heat pump 100%. Your lump sum installation costs will be broken out over multiple low monthly payments, enabling you to enjoy this low footprint green technology, which pays for itself based on the monthly savings on your utility bills alone.

Get in touch with us to learn more about financing your heat pump system.

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