February 28, 2020
Heat Pump Rebate

BC Hydro’s Getting Pumped About Heat Pumps

BC Hydro’s Getting Pumped About Heat Pumps:  Energy Efficient Heat Pump Rebate Campaign Coastal Heat Pumps is happy to partner with BC Hydro’s heat pump energy efficiency rebate campaign. Watch the video below you might see a familiar face! As a company we are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, so we are excited that BC Hydro, and the BC Government’s CleanBC program, are helping others to reduce their energy consumption too. Did you know a heat pump can save you up to 50% on your heating bill, while reducing your energy consumption? By switching your heating system to a heat pump, you can expect to see savings of […]
January 7, 2019

How the Enbridge Pipeline Explosion Will Affect B.C. Natural Gas Supply

People report being able to see the flames from miles away, and photos taken and posted online serve as proof. The recent rupture of the natural gas pipeline owned by Enbridge has been a sobering reminder of the volatility of our energy resources. Fortunately, due to the location of the pipeline, no one was hurt. What Happened Under pressure as high as 900 PSI, the pipeline ruptured and natural gas was ignited. Because of the high pressure, the gas was spewed out of the pipe with enormous force. This resulted in the towering flames that could be seen for miles around. A natural gas pipeline must be carefully maintained, but […]
November 12, 2018

How Coastal Heat Pumps Contribute to Improving Health and Lives of Bella Bella Residents

The small community of Bella Bella, located on the east coast of British Columbia’s Campbell Island, is the home of the Heiltsuk people. This Indian reservation area has been sheltering the Heiltsuk for hundreds of years, and the community is known for traditional values and a tight-knit, familial atmosphere and self-sufficient citizens. However, a modern problem has been plaguing these proud people for several decades now, increasing in severity as the years press on. This problem is rising heating and energy costs, by way of the scarcity of fuel on this remote island. Recently, the Tribal Council of the Heiltsuk decided to partner with several Canadian organizations to make meaningful […]
September 6, 2018

Coastal Heat Pumps featured on Trend TV

Don Gulevich, president of Coastal Heat Pumps, joins Amy McGeachy on her TV Show Trends to discuss the benefits of changing to a heat pump. Watch and listen in as Amy interviews Don and discovers why switch from old heating and cooling technology, like baseboard heating or an oil fueled furnace, can save you thousands of dollars while creating a healthier more balanced environment in your home. Transcript of Amy McGeachy Interview with Don Gulevich Amy McGeachy: Today’s going to be an educational field check not just for you guys but for me as well. I know absolutely nothing about heat pumps. Well so because of that we’re going to […]
April 18, 2018

Five Fast Facts about Heat Pumps

In Victoria, we’re blessed with a relatively mild climate with our winter lows around 3C to 4C and summer highs seldom over 24C. That’s not to say that we don’t get our share of bills to keep our homes comfortable in the extremes of the season. There are some different ways that Victorians keep their homes warm in the coldest months, from wood and stoves, steam heat, heating oil, natural gas, and electricity. While it’s great to have a roaring fire going on the coldest months, or a gas fireplace that comes on with the flick of a switch, there are more effective, more efficient, and more economical ways to […]
July 25, 2017
Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Awards Coastal Heat Pumps Business Of The Year!

Coastal Heat Pumps Awarded Business Of The Year

Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Awards Coastal Heat Pumps Business Of The Year! On October 20, the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce recognized outstanding local businesses and business leaders at its annual Crystal Awards Gala.  This award is given out to businesses in the Saanich Peninsula area that exemplifies great customer service, commitment to the community and in overall leadership amongst their peers. Coastal Heat Pumps was honoured to receive the Crystal Award for Business of the Year (one to 15 employees).    
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