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March 19, 2018
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May 20, 2018
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In Victoria, we’re blessed with a relatively mild climate with our winter lows around 3C to 4C and summer highs seldom over 24C. That’s not to say that we don’t get our share of bills to keep our homes comfortable in the extremes of the season. There are some different ways that Victorians keep their homes warm in the coldest months, from wood and stoves, steam heat, heating oil, natural gas, and electricity. While it’s great to have a roaring fire going on the coldest months, or a gas fireplace that comes on with the flick of a switch, there are more effective, more efficient, and more economical ways to heat your home. Let’s look at five fast facts about heat pumps and why you should consider a heat pump for your home.

  1. Heat pumps help to reduce the emissions of harmful gases such as poisonous carbon dioxide which is a “greenhouse gas” that exacerbates global warming, and sulfur dioxide which can cause respiratory problems and worsen asthma and COPD. They are a cleaner alternative for heating than fuel burning, and cost less on the electric bill!
  2. A heat pump does not heat a home by burning fuel but instead moves heat that is present outdoors – even in cold temperatures – indoors. During the summer, it removes the heat from your home and moves it outdoors, causing your home to be cooler.
  3. Heat pumps can work on almost any source of energy including solar, electricity, and geothermal. There are even dual-fuel models that operate on electricity and propane! That’s great when the power supply has a history of being interrupted.
  4. Heat pumps are actually similar to your household refrigerator than to a furnace or air conditioner. When you break it down, a fridge is just a heat pump enclosed in an insulated box that operates only in cooling mode.
  5. Ductless heat pumps are a lot easier to maintain than traditional ducted systems, which can harbor dust, mold, and bacteria in the ductwork. While you do have to clean and maintain the units, there are no ducts to clean every six months.

Lower cost of maintenance, lower cost of operation, and superior heating and cooling capabilities make these systems a winner for everyone. Save the fireplace – and some trees. Make a heat pump part of your new home, or renovate your existing home with energy-efficient and ecologically friendly heat pumps!

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