The HVAC Industry Offers Many Different Job Opportunities

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The field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning offers many different types of jobs. Most, but not all, of these positions require you to be in the field, working on different job sites, and often interacting with customers. Here’s a look at some of the more common jobs in the industry.


One of the mainstays of the heating and cooling industry is the fabrication of ductwork, joints, and other customized system components. Whether it’s bending sheet metal to create ducts to carry heat throughout a home or assembling fittings and elbows to complete a large installation, the fabricator is a vital part of a successful HVAC company.

The fabricator works with a variety of materials, tools, machinery, and even robotic equipment to make the parts necessary for a successful install. Fabricators generally attend a trade school or participate in an apprenticeship program to be properly trained for their work.


From reading blueprints for a system installation to service calls and annual maintenance checks, the technician is the backbone of any HVAC enterprise. The technician is the person who puts the furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, or other machinery in place properly, diagnoses problems, makes repairs, and maintains the system for maximum life and efficiency.

Technicians do everything from changing furnace filters to determining the best placement for a ductless heat pump or repairing commercial refrigeration units; they read blueprints and connect system components to water lines and electrical wiring. The technician is often called upon to work with contractors and home or business owners to ensure that the system put in place is the right one for the job.

Technicians are generally graduates of trade schools, apprenticeships, or training programs.

Sales Representative

Every company that has something to sell needs a sales representative. In the heating and cooling industry, this position is important for growing your company and being profitable.

Whether it’s a complete cooling system or a supplemental heat pump, the sales rep knows the capabilities and specifications of the products they are selling. The sales representative works with prospective buyers and with other companies to attract business to your company.

The sales rep is integral to keeping your company in the black, and to selling everything from ductless heat pumps to brand new units that your team will install. Your sales representative is your best tool for increasing both your business and your profits.


The person who designs layouts and installation plans, determines the best equipment for the job and brings the fabricators, technicians, and sales representatives together to create the perfect system for your customer, the engineer is essential for creating new systems and designing their layout for best results.


From the office manager who orders the parts and pays the bills to the team manager who directs daily operations in the field, no company is complete without some form of supervisor. The heating and cooling industry is no different; crew leaders, estimators, supply managers, and even fleet maintenance supervisors can be found working in the HVAC industry.

The heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation have created a place in the construction and contracting industries that are likely to remain active and in demand well into the future. Whether you are a technician working to keep an older system functioning efficiently or a fabricator designing a one-of-a-kind duct layout, this is a field that many find to be interesting and rewarding.

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