Annual Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Save big on heat pump maintenance!

Just like a car with lots of moving parts and integrated components, your heat pump needs regular tune ups to keep it running efficiently.

Natural Resources Canada recommends an annual service to maximize the 15 to 20-year life span of your investment.

Many heat pump manufacturers require that you perform an annual maintenance to keep their warranties valid.

If not properly installed or maintained, heat pump compressors, reversing valves, and coils are costly to replace.

Our maintenance plans include:

– Check outdoor fan motor and lubricate if needed
– Check electrical wiring, contacts and terminals; repair as required
– Check all safety components
– Check compressor operation
– Check reversing valve for proper operation
– Check indoor thermostat operation
– Check defrost and heating modes (winter only)
– Check for excessive noise and vibration
– Check refrigerant charge
– Inspect and clean air filters
– Check all safety and pressure switches
– Check motor and heaters/voltage/amperes
– Check back-up heat and emergency heat source and controls for proper operation
– Measure temperature rise in emergency heat mode

All for the low price of $189.00 + GST ~ Watch for our Spring Maintenance Special!)

Coastal Heat Pump’s annual maintenance package saves you money by avoiding expensive repairs and premature equipment failure.

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