We’re Not Comfortable Until You Are

We're Not Comfortable
Until You Are

We are your residential heat pump specialists providing heat pump installation, maintenance and repair.

At Coastal Heat Pumps we only deal in residential heat pumps and accessories because your air temperature and quality are important to us. Our experienced and certified heat pump specialists provide heat pump installations, maintenance and repairs from Sidney to Sooke. Ask about our in-home comfort guarantee because at Coastal Heat Pumps we’re not comfortable until you are.

COVID Response

With seven technicians on the road Coastal Heat Pumps has protocols directed by WorkSafe BC and other official authorities in place that will best protect our employees and customers.

Some of those health & safety protocols include:

  • Development of a COVID-19 safety plan that outlines the guidelines, policies, and procedures put in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Making sure social distancing is respected and used effectively in the workplace.
  • Making sure PPE such as respirators, sanitization, and gloves are being used correctly when social distance compromises physical safety. 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing work stations.
  • Limiting social contact with customers as much as possible.

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Annual Heat Pump Maintenance


Our 21-point inspection includes inspection of refrigerant levels, return air temperatures, coils, drains, motors, system pressures, and more to ensure your heat pump is performing at optimal efficiency. This is a preventative service which looks for leaks or signs of wear on your unit. Regular price $189. Book by November 30, 2020.

Product Showcase


Fujitsu makes some of the most efficient mini-split duct or ductless systems in the industry. We utilize and recommend many of their products and are proud to be a Fujitsu Elite Contractor. 

Why a Heat Pump?

A home heating and cooling system that provides comfortable, warm air all winter long, and cool, energy-efficient air throughout the summer for less than your current electric, oil, or gas heating each month.

Heat pumps come in a range of models and styles to suit almost every budget. Our ductless heat pump packages, for instance, start at just $3900. Even without the government energy efficiency and manufacturer rebates of up to $5500 you will have a heating and cooling system that matches (or beats) the price of any other heating solution, including high efficiency gas furnaces. Plus, you get the added benefits of air conditioning in the summer, a lighter carbon impact, and lower heating bills.

According to Natural Resources Canada, you may be able to reduce your space heating bills by up to 50% if you convert from an electric furnace to an air-source heat pump.

If you get a heat pump, and keep it at the same temperature that you have your baseboards set at, you would see greater savings. However, we see our customers setting their heat or cooling to their comfort level and still experience great savings.

For oil and gas conversions, your savings will fluctuate with the cost of fossil fuel prices, but our customers report consistent savings of 30% to 50% depending on the efficiency of their current heating system.

The performance of modern air source heat pumps is up to two times better than those from even a decade ago. ENERGY STAR® models use at least 15-25% less energy than standard models. Coastal Heat Pumps recommends using Energy Star-rated heat pumps for maximum energy savings.

Natural Resources Canada and the Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) have established an industry-managed energy efficiency rating system for furnaces, central air conditioners and air-to-air heat pumps. The energy efficiency rating scale appears under the EnerGuide logo on the manufacturers’ brochures.

In addition to saving money on utility bills, air source heat pumps reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. If you use hydro-electricity for your home heating, far less pollution is produced. Modern gas and oil furnaces burn much cleaner and more efficiently than those from just 10 or 20 years ago.

However, even these furnaces require vents to exhaust carbon monoxide. As well, pilot lights need to be constantly monitored for safety reasons.

The performance of modern air source heat pumps is up to two times better than those from even a decade ago. ENERGY STAR® models use at least 15-25% less energy than standard models. Coastal recommends using Energy Star-rated heat pumps for maximum energy savings.

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