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The Complexity of Heat Pumps Means That Annual Maintenance is a Must

Just like your car needs an oil change, your heat pump requires a yearly inspection as well. 

Many heat pump manufacturers require that you perform an annual maintenance to keep their warranties valid. If not properly installed or maintained, heat pump compressors, reversing valves, and coils are costly to replace. Coastal Heat Pump’s annual maintenance service saves you money by avoiding expensive repairs and premature equipment failure. We provide you with customized, comprehensive maintenance packages to keep your equipment running at peak performance and avoiding inconvenient and costly breakdowns. We also provide 24/7 emergency service. We will not replace what needs servicing and we will not service what needs replacing.

Coastal Heat Pump’s Annual Maintenance Package

We offer a standalone annual maintenance inspection starting at 189.00 on heat pumps. With our 21-point inspection, we ensure your refrigerant levels, return air temperatures, coils, drains, motors, system pressures, and more are in great working condition, and performing to their optimal efficiency. This is a preventative service which looks for leaks or signs of wear on your unit.

Add on maintenance for your gas fireplace for only $99 (must be booked at the same time as your heat pump maintenance). 

Ask us about our Comfort Matters Plans starting at $24.95/month. 

Our Annual Maintenance Inspection Includes:

  • Check outdoor fan motor and lubricate if needed
  • Check electrical wiring, contacts and terminals; repair as required
  • Check all safety components
  • Check compressor operation
  • Check reversing valve for proper operation
  • Check indoor thermostat operation
  • Check defrost and heating modes (winter only)
  • Check for excessive noise and vibration
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Inspect and clean air filters
  • Check all safety and pressure switches
  • Check motor and heaters/voltage/amperes
  • Check back-up heat and emergency heat source and controls for proper operation
  • Measure temperature rise in emergency heat mode
  • And more


Annual Maintenance Checkup

Even the best heat pumps require annual servicing to keep them running efficiently. Schedule our 21pt inspection starting at $189.


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