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Switching to a Heat Pump

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Switching to a Heat Pump From Oil and Save

Walk down any Victoria BC residential street on a cold day, and you can’t miss it — the acrid smell of heating oil. Victoria’s addiction to heating oil is partly due to our island geography. Up until the 60s, there was no heating solution to match the reliability and affordability of fuel oil.

Rather than buying a new oil tank or upgrading your oil furnace, here are a few reasons for switching to a heat pump.

One cup of oil can contaminate an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Over the years there have been many home-heating oil spills in Victoria leaving homeowner’s to fight with their insurance company to cover the cleanup cost. Fuel oil tanks almost always leak from the inside-out, and have a lifespan of only 10-15 years. A safe, efficient heat pump runs on electricity, and requires no yearly fill-up.

Oil and gas furnaces burn fossil fuels and must be inspected annually for leaks in chimney flues, faulty pilot lights, and tank leaks. Heat pumps are a safer alternative for your family.

The typical oil-heated home in Victoria spends a minimum of $250 on heating per month, with larger homes as much as $800. Installing an energy efficient heat pump may heat your home for up to less than half of what you are currently paying for oil. You also get the benefit of having air conditioning in the summer!

Hydro power is the primary source of electricity in BC, making heat pumps a very low carbon heating and cooling method. Each year gas and oil furnaces emit more greenhouse gases than the average family car. Heat pumps have been widely recognized as one of the simplest things you can do to reduce your impact on the planet.

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We’ll Get Rid of Your Oil Furnace and Tank

We can make getting rid of your oil furnace a breeze by arranging to have the old one picked up and removed.

Expert Installation

Our certified technicians provide high quality equipment installs best suited to your home comfort needs.

Ongoing Maintenance

Just like your car needs an oil change, your heat pump requires a yearly inspection as well. 

Your Comfort is Important

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Annual Maintenance Checkup

Even the best heat pumps require annual servicing to keep them running efficiently. Schedule our 21pt inspection starting at $189. 


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