Is A Ductless Heat Pump Right For Victoria BC Homeowners?

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August 27, 2017
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What is it about ductless heat pump system that gets folks excited? You have friends and homeowners telling you that a ductless heating and air conditioning system, also called the mini-split system, routinely outperforms the traditional AC and heater for performance and costs.

Why exactly do so many Victoria, BC, Canada residents often choose a ductless heat pump and AC system for their needs?

What Is A Ductless Heat Pump System?

Ductless heat pump systems have one outdoor unit housing a condenser and compressor, and an indoor air-handling component. The outdoor and indoor units get connected using a refrigerant tubing, suction tube, condensate drain, and power cable.

  • No ducts connect the two indoor and outdoor units at all.
  • Electric ductless HVAC heat pumps are the most recent air conditioning and heating innovation.
  • Ductless systems deliver cooled or heated air to the individual rooms. You can select the rooms you want to cool, heat, dehumidify, or filtrate.
  • You can program the two-way split equipment to regulate the temperatures in select rooms.
  • The mini split units use a mechanism resembling the natural flow of warm air towards cool spaces and vice versa using minimal electric power.

Advantages Of Ductless Heat Pump HVAC Systems

The ductless AC and heating systems contain several parts.

  • The outside cabinet housing the compressor, fan, condenser, and drainage outlet. The heat pumps Victoria experts mount the exterior AC/heating part on a concrete pad, outside wall, or flat roof, which connect to the multiple indoor mini indoor air-handling units (AHUs).
  • A very thin conduit containing the power supply, refrigerant lines, and condensate tube that your Coastal Heat Pumps contractor fixes on walls, crawl spaces, attic, or basement.
  • An indoor AHU comprising the fan, evaporator coil, and temperature sensors.
  • Ductless multi-zone temperature systems.

There are several other benefits of a ductless air conditioning and heating machines.

Easy Installation: Installing ductless system is simple. The AC and heating technician will only drill a 3-inch hole through the wall to link the indoor and outdoor air handlers. Insignificant disruption will occur to the wall.

Energy Efficiency: Ductless units require very little energy to operate at full capacity. Incorporated into the ductless air conditioners is the inverter technology enabling the compressors to function at variable speeds, which helps to maintain consistent indoor temperatures.

No inconveniencing Ducts: Ducts can reduce the efficiency of your AC by up to 30%. Further, leaks seem to court ducts quite often. Ductless can bring down the AC and heating unit maintenance costs.

Flexibility and Minimal Space: Technicians install indoor AC and heating components merely 7 inches into the walls. Mini-split heat pumps are sleek and never affect the interior house designs.

Remote Controlled Operations: Indoor ductless heat pumps give you the opportunity to adjust individual room temperatures remotely. The remote control mechanism allows you to effect temperature changes in the bedroom while you stand in the kitchen or sit in front of the living room TV.

Customized Ductless Heat Pump HVAC Installation Options

Experts usually install mini-split ACs and heaters in line with individual customer preferences to offer the desired, customized heating and cooling needs. Small units for each room in your house translates into energy savings, for you will only switch each unit in the sun room, reception, boardroom, or bedroom when the need for temperature adjustments arises.

Ductless Heat Pump Equipment Mounting Options

AHUs (air-handling units) adapt to the various installation options below:

  1. Concealed unit: You can conceal the AC and heaters in wall cavities, floor, or ceiling and have the diffuser as visible in the living room
  2. Flex-duct: Coastal Heat Pumps technicians also install the heaters using short duct runs to offer air-return grille and air-supply diffusers in extensive building zones.
  3. Recessed pumps: Heat Pumps Victoria companies provide can be in form of drop ceiling recessed AHU installation services too.

The numerous benefits of ductless show that Victoria, BC, real estate owners have viable reasons to go with a ductless heat pump system.

You will also love the dead-silent ductless AHU that does not rumble and grumble as centralized AC/heaters often do. As the above facts indicate, the ductless mini-split system is also energy-efficient and an easy-to-maintain AC and heating option for your home.  You can learn more about financing a ductless heat pump system in your homes from SNAP financial.

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